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Your targets doing internships

Daniel Jimenez

When you are applying for an internship in a company, you have to know your targets or goals. Because in most of the cases, you are going to work without being paid and in some of them you are even going to pay to work. In spite of the fact that this kind of situations are not easy to manage, if you know your goals and you are achieving them, you are doing things rights. In the following article, I am going to write about the main targets when you are in an internship program:

A part of your studies: There are some universities or some particular degrees in which internships are compulsory, if you want to graduate. In this case you know that even if your internship is completely useless and that you are not learning anything about your future professional career, you have to do it. But do not be afraid, I have said that in order to know that in the worst case, you also have some reason to finish your internship.

Increase your practical knowledge: This target should be the most important. When you finish your university studies, you are supposed to have a lot of theoretical knowledge which you have to implement. An internship is a fantastic step between your university and your job. You can use this experience to be more efficient and after that you will find a job more easily.

Get an opportunity to express your value: When you are doing an internship, your boss or your supervisor are going to see how you work. If you are good at what you do, they will think about you for future recruitments. Speaking with other words, an internship can be an amazing opportunity to express who you are. Your internship is the first place where you can demonstrate your professional value.

Improve a new language: It is also very common that interns want to do internships abroad in order to improve or to learn a new language in a real job environment. It is a fantastic idea but it depends on your degree. For example: If you are studying business or translation, you will need foreign languages more than if you are studying to be a nurse. Anyway, internships abroad are always a fabulous international experience.

To improve your CV: For young people it is sometimes very hard to find a job because they do not have professional experience. Doing an internship will enhance your work experience and your CV will be more attractive for the recruiters.

As a summary, I would like to conclude that you have to know your targets when you are doing internship.

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