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Is Steve Jobs’ style helpful in business?

Steve Jobs was the most successful entrepreneur of his generation. But he was also known for being a rude manager, who shouted at colleagues during meetings and seemed impatient and dismissive of others’ contributions. But would this management style help you reach the top? Of course, everybody does not share the same opinion.

According to a professor teaching at a business school in Georgetown, it is a not a good idea to try to emulate Steve Job’s style and she doesn’t recommend it at all. She thinks that employees stop working hard if the manager is rude to them. It disturbs them and they end up not performing so well.

She also said that uncivil behaviour from the boss can increase employees’ sickness rate and affect their mental health. Now let us have the opinion of David Rowlinson, who manages sales and leases restaurants in London. He said that the atmosphere in his office is very positive, because he is aware of the importance to find the right balance between being friendly and firm. It is not possible to be kind all the time, sometimes building up pressure on your employees is a good way to keep them motivated. Respecting the basic social niceties is what really matters.

What about employees? What do they think about it? Sarah, who works for an international law  firm, said that a shy and quiet person would never become a manager. Those who succeed in reaching the top often make their presence felt by clearly sharing their opinions without being aggressive. Business is something serious and a boss may be too busy to come at every desk and ask people how they feel, because he has many other priorities. Furthermore you might be seen as someone uninterested, abrupt or impatient by your co-workers. Yet, thinking that people’s feelings prevail over the act of taking right decisions cannot be considered as a sign of leadership.

A boss attitude can also be perceived differently depending on their gender. Either being nice or nasty are strategies that carry an extra risk if you are a woman. Highly collaborative women are often seen as ineffective leaders, while aggressive women are seen as persecutors. Ben Dattner an executive coach, stated “that it is easier for a woman to be perceived as someone bitchy than it is for a man to be perceived as an ass.”

To conclude I would say that managers must find the right balance between being rude and friendly towards their employees. If you are too firm and build too much pressure upon your employees, they will work less efficiently and even be afraid of you.. And if you are too kind with them, they can become too much confident.

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