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Working environment in Italy

Regarding the working environment in Italy there are lots of differences because there are different types of companies, from the familiar company to the multicultural company. This division depends on the number of employees and on the willingness to enlarge it with new skills and knowledge. But, it especially depends on the costs.

In general, in Italy people work from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., they work more or less 40 hours per week maximum. Also, they can do extra-hours, but not all of the business fields do this. One of the business field, who do extra-hours are the engineers.

In the workplace we have a dress code, simple but elegant, in fact very often you can see men and women wearing a suit. Italian workers talk about everything like job, sport etc. both inside and outside the company.

Milan is the most international city in Italy where there are lots of important businessmen, in fact, people who work in the companies, which are located in the north, always talk about business because they always want to increase their advantage against their competitors, so, it is always the right moment to take an important decision; but as I said before, they find 10 minutes during the day to talk about other things, for example football.  

Regarding the food, Italian companies are full of people who eat different kinds of food (for example vegetarians, vegans, Chinese food…) in which in all of them there is a large quantity of choices. In the canteens, the food is very tasty because the companies want to give their employees several specialities of different countries so that everyone can feel at home and satisfied.

Another important point is that when someone has to make a project or a particular decision, everyone can help or give a new and better idea, so they can increase their knowledge: the aim is to create a familiar atmosphere within the company and a positive working environment.

The most important Italian companies are very comfortable, they give to their employees important opportunities to climb up the latter of success, thus, they can create a relationship based on trust and loyalty. Some of these prefer to hire employees, who just graduated, this way, they can control their growth and this operation will give benefits for the company in the future.

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