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Working as part of a team for a successful company

Teamwork involves assuring quality and safety when delivering services in a company. It is the base to build an effective organisation and produce excellent results. However, the key to make it operative consists in understanding the importance of being a team.

First, it is necessary to know which are the benefits of working as part of a team:

  • Problem solving: each member of the team should contribute so to get the best solution;

  • Healthy competition: itcan be used to motivate the members and tohelp the group excel;

  • Developing relationships: building stronger relationships will help the team avoid conflicts;

  • Everyone is unique: every member of the group has to share itsknowledge andabilities to make the team stronger.

Second, there are also things to avoid in order to make the team work more effectively:

  • Avoid to judge individual performance out of the team’s outcome because everyone contributes his own way and this must be respectec.

  • Social loafing: it is the phenomenon of people making less effort to achieve a goal when they work in a group than individually. The manager can minimise this phenomenon and make individual performance more visible by:

  • creating smaller teams

  • giving specific tasks to specific members

  • measuring individual performance

  • increasing employees’ motivation and job enrichment

Third, each co-worker should have the following qualities:

  • Reliability: team members may show that they can count on each other in order to get things done, meet commitments and deliver performance continuously;

  • Communication skills: everybody has to communicate by speaking up, expressing their thoughts clearly and honestly, always respecting each other. This way, the entire group will benefit from it;

  • Listening skills: they are essential if you work in a team. A team member has to listen to the others and has to absorb, understand and consider different opinions. Moreover, each member should be open to criticism and reacting to it with a positive attitude. Thus, the communication will be effective.

  • Participate: each member should take an active part by speaking up during meetings in order to make things happen and achieve success;

  • Being open-minded and willing to share: good team players share things such as information, knowledge and experience. Most of the communication within the team is informal. In this way, each member will feel comfortable talking about delicate issues;

  • Cooperation and willingness to help: everyone has to figure out ways of working together in order to solve problems and get things done;

  • Flexibility: you have to show that you are able to adapt to different situations. Therefore, you should not complain and get stressed out if you are given new responsibilities. Keep being focused on your task and remember that you are not alone;

  • Show commitment: everyone should prove they want to give their best. Besides, they should expect the same from the others to reach the team’s goal;

  • Problem solving skills: each member has to deal with problems. Sharing ideas and working together will help overcome them;

  • Respecting and supporting: each member has to treat the others with consideration and courtesy. Moreover, everyone should support and understand each other to get the job done.

To conclude, being strongly motivated is necessary to be part of a team.

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