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Women in French media

In France, only 10 to 15% of French journalists are women. The world of media is still under the control of men. Even if the number of women is increasing year after year the parity is still very rare and even more in sports.

In television and radio, France is far behind in terms of parity. Women represent 52% of the population in France, but they are only 35% to intervene in the programs.

Regarding the different channels (general channels, news channels, generalist stations), the proportion of women in the edition represents less than 20% (compared to over 80% for men) it is worse concerning the radio (less than 17%).

Only 35% of women are on the screen, their wages is on average lower by 30% compared to men. They have much more difficulty to obtain their map of  press. Less than 50% of women working in journalism have their business card. But that is especially obvious in the world of sport journalism.

A sort of sexism dissimulated appeared. It is difficult to find a sport journalist of television which is not attracting. 30 years ago the world of the sport was exclusively male. And when they arrived there, women have to prove themselves to be worthy for this job twice a hard than men, who have the same skills as them. In 2012 /2013 only 7% of the female sport is broadcasted in the TV. In 2014 it was about 15%. Nearly 40% of the male competitions are broadcasted in the television, compared to 25% of the female competitions.

The matches of the French female football team, 3rd world team, is not broadcasted on French large channels (only on the TNT or sport channels). The woman is under represented in the world of journalism. This phenomenon does not concern France only, it became a major stake of the fight against the inequalities women/men in all of the industrialized countries.

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