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When you go on vacation and spend some days in an another city or country, eating local food, discovering antique stores, going shopping, you are a tourist. You are a tourist when you leave your environment and go to another to participate in different activities .

You are a visitor and what you do there is actually tourism. Individuals and organizations at your destination promoted these activities through advertising or other forms of marketing.Market research is therefore of ongoing significance to all tourism businesses, both new and established, so that the needs and desires of the market can be monitored and problems or opportunities identified in advance. The marketing objectives are to increase non-resident visitation and expenditures from our core markets, thereby increasing the tourism industry`s annual contribution to the economy. The strategies and the campaigns created to achieve these marketing objectives will also be guided by the desire of government to extend the tourism season beyond the core peak season in order to increase the economic benefits and the long­ viability of the industry. Advertising will reach and persuade visitors to come and visit your city rather than other destinations. Public and media relations will therefore  reinforce the key messages, delivering a consistent and relevant brand of the province, while sales and online initiative will “close the loop”. The tourism product has a larger role to play in increasing the length of stay, the amount of money used for the trip and overall in tourism revenues. To be successful in attracting customers from competitors, it is essential that we focus and concentrate our resources on the best opportunity, and create programs and campaigns that are fully integrated. So, the most important thing is motivating tourists to visit your destination.

The service industry of tourism includes: tour operator and travel agents, accommodation sector like hotels and catering, transportation, food, lodging and entertainment. The travel requests are influenced by rising incomes, increased mobility, but also by other factors, like historical connections, accessibility, nature of tourist product or search for foreign exchange. Obviously, we have benefits and costs from the tourism service. About the benefits, we can have more incoming and more jobs, preservation of cultural and historical heritage, increased understanding, building and constructing. Meanwhile, as for  the costs, we could have destruction, undermining of culture and society, polluting environment and the need of adequate infrastructural facilities.

Every marketing plan should begin with a plan, and tourism marketing is not different.The marketing plan is a road plan and analyses details of the attractions in the interested area. It forces organizations to set a budget on promotional spending. Tourism marketing can be expensive, particularly if you want to attract national or international tourists. Typical funding sources are state tourism agencies and taxes, like hotel taxes. If there are several tourist attractions in a specific city, all the area can be marked as an appealing destination site by combining advertising and others marketing activities. Partnerships can be provided tourists with a fuller travel experience. Tourism marketing has distinct characteristics from other marketing plans, because tourists are temporary and they are exposed to the area`s monuments and services for shorter periods. But tourists are counting on having a good time, so marketers should consider strategies that appeal to the emotions.


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