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Why it is important to do internships abroad

Everyone in your school, university or private life is speaking about doing internships abroad or spending a semester at a university, in a foreign country. Your teachers and parents keep telling you that you should gain some experience abroad. And furthermore, all your friends keep posting pictures in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from their experiences and stays in international places. And you ask yourself, is it really worth it? Do I really have to get out of my comfort zone and go to different countries for work and education? This article tries to show you, why you should leave your comfort zone and your home, at least for a short amount of time and, why it is important to spend some time abroad.

If you want to have a successful career and a well-paid job in today’s business life, you have to gain some experience abroad by doing internships in different countries. Through the globalization, most countries and companies all over the world are connected and trade with each other. When you work for an international company, it is guaranteed that you will get in touch with people from different cultures and it is very easy to drop one’s clanger, during conversations. For that reason, it is very important that you have already got in touch with people from other cultures while you are young, maybe during your studies, and that you have understood that different cultures mean different ways of communication.

Furthermore, nowadays the companies prefer multilingual employees. And what better way to learn a language than spending some time in the country where this language is spoken. For that, you should spend, at least, some weeks in an English speaking country. Since English is one of the most important languages worldwide, you should know how to speak it properly and also understand the culture of British and American people, as you will, surely, get in touch with them during your working life.

Another great advantage of spending some time abroad is that it will benefit you personally, as well. At the beginning, living abroad without your family and friends may be difficult, but it will also help you get self-dependent and responsible. Moreover, the intercultural experience with people from all over the world will improve your communication skills and your knowledge of human nature. Finally, the interaction with a lot of different people than you, equals a lot of fun.

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