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Why do you have to gain experience ?

Experience is the process of getting knowledge or skills from doing, seeing, or feeling something. Today, the experience has become important in our society. All your everyday actions turned into experience you gain, it could be in your private life or in your everyday life. We are going to see in this article why it is important to gain experience. First of all we will see why we should gain experience, and in second place we will see how to gain experience.

Firstly we can say that each experience you will have in your life will help you to grow up in different areas of expertise. Experience widens your culture that you can also acquire by traveling, or by meeting new people. In fact, each person, or country has its own culture, story and way of life. Gaining experience also permits you to stay active in your life, it’s important to never rest on your laurels. Life is too short, don’t waste your time by doing nothing, get out, go see new things, learn more, meet new people, be confident. The more things you will do, the more things you will see, the more you will be  open minded. This means to be open to others; the more you are open to the others, happier you will be in life, and so you will be more open to have other experiences. To conclude this part, the more experience you have in aspeciefic  field, the more you will talk about it, the more you willbe interested in it later you will have a good involvment in your universitie or company .

Secondly, how to gain experience ? There are many ways to gain experiences. For your personal culture, the best way to learn is to read all kinds of books, to go to conferences of different topics, go visit museums, study, do always more that has been  asked you, go and meet new people from different places, and  society, travel … For this be independent  andbase goals  in your life to make your dreams come true. It is important not to stay on your current knowledges, try always to work to get better, so that you will extend and build your own personality on your experience. So, experience is done by discovering the world; doing, seeing or feeling things that will permit you to build yourself, your character, but also, your skills. These experiences, good or bad will always give you lessons, and make you think about the life in general.

To conclude, you should gain experience for yourself, for your pleasure. If you do it for the others, you will get quickly annoyed. Experience will bring you : culture, knowledge, open-mind, self-confidence, motivation and ambition. Now that we had seen why is it important to gain experience, we will see in the next article how to gain experience in 10 steps.

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