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Why do an internship ?

Internships provide a link between academic learning and professional employment. It is recommended that students try out several internships to be able to get a sense of what working in a particular career field is like. You will need to make yourself stand out among others in a highly competitive job market because employers prefer to hire graduating seniors who have career-related work experience. It will also expose you to professionalism in the field and gives you the chance to evaluate the skills.

An internship also helps you gain practical knowledge in an industry that will increase your job opportunities and gives you an impression of how you can use the theoretical skills you have gained during your studies. This possibility to gain valuable references and meet people currently working in the field also gives you the opportunity to meet different managers with diverse leadership styles from which you can learn and find out your way of managing.

Furthermore, work experience improves your CV and increases your networking opportunities by connecting you with professionals in your chosen field. Most students and graduates do only have the theoretical knowledge when they leave university, i.e. having also the practical know-how will give you a very competitive edge when you will start your job search. A guaranteed question during a job interview will be about your work history and previous experiences. Having done an internship, you will have concrete examples of professional practice to discuss during your interview.

If you carry out the tasks correctly and if you are willing to learn, an internship can lead you to a remunerated fixed post in a company.

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