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What Matters Most With Professional Integration ?

Internships are often presented as a necessary condition of a good insertion on the labor market because they allow students to gain professional experience and be ready to work. The skills acquired during an internship represent a useful advantage for the trainees to find a job. The type of internship is associated with their studies: generally, the more advanced, prestigious and selective the formation, the higher the quality of the internship.

Today, many young people think that studying longer will necessarily get them a great job. But it is not true! What the recruiters are looking for is the internships. Why? Because then the employer knows that you have already worked in a company and experienced the professional world.

Internships allow the trainees not only to apply the theory they have studied, but also to put themselves in an employee’s shoes with missions and responsibilities. They allow interns to ask questions, to try new things and to make mistakes, to improve themselves, to be ready to face all the situations in their future work. They can also help the interns develop a critical mind, form a judgment about the strengths and weaknesses of every companies they will work for. Moreover, the company can hire the trainee at the end of the internship.

Finally, here are three things you will benefit from your internship:

A real tutelage: You must be supervised by a qualified supervisor and trained to a specific job
Observation and learning process: You have to withstand the pressure of everyday life at work, observe and learn as much as you can
A wide access to information : You need to exchange and be in contact with many professional actors and not only with your tutor or daily interlocutors

Be acute and think carefully about your project for the future to create yourself the best possible experience and find the internship that suits you!

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