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What it means to study at a private university

Studying at a private and elitist university sounds really tempting but many people get deterred because of the high tuition fee. The studies at such universities often cost thousands Euros. Is it really worth the money? Do you have better chances to get a job if you have studied at a private university? This article tries to give you a glimpse of how it’s like to study at a private university and if it really brings you an advantage.

Of course the first disadvantage which has already been mentioned are the high tuition fees. Furthermore since the private universities are often very elitist universities it might be that you will loose the sight of reality because you don’t get in touch with people from other social classes. But of course there are also lots of advantages. For example at private universities the classes are much smaller than at public universities. That means that there’s a much better proportion of care between the students and the professors. If you don’t understand something during a course you can ask the professor and they will explain it to you. At a public university with sometimes hundreds of students in the same room that is just not possible. Additionally you have to discuss and present up-to-date topics in front of class which will prepare you better for your later professional life because speaking in front of the class and reacting to other people’s opinions statements will increase your adaptability, flexibility and your personality. Through the better proportion of care during the professors and the students you will get better personal feedback than at public universities, which will make it easier for you to learn from your mistakes and to improve for the next time. More often the courses at private universities are more focused on the praxis and on your later professional life.

Elitist universities normally have a very good reputation and they have built themselves far-reaching networks with the economic and political actors which will improve your chances to get a good and well paid job in the future or an life-enhancing internship during your studies.

Studying at a private university has also personal and social advantages. Because of the smaller classes and the smaller facilities you will get better in touch with your fellow students. Hence it’s easier to get to know the other students when you are only 20 students in class and not more than a hundred. You can therefore say that at private university the fact that everyone knows each other is what makes the life with each other more pleasant.

All in all you can say that studying at private and elitist universities comes up with many advantages. But there are also some disadvantages like the high tuition fees and it may be that you have better chances to get a nice job if you have studied at an elitist university but you can’t be sure for that.

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