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How does today’s business connect the world? How did it succeed in being essential in our everyday-life? These two questions are related to one job: web designer.

Competitiveness on looking for the most attractive images and slogans to reach costumers has always been an important part for marketing people. But who is behind Apple’s white and dynamic logo, and behind the touching pictures of the Red Cross? It is not a one man task, but an entire world called “web designing”.

Technical qualifications

A web designer’s regular day consists in checking if there are any updates, meetings with customers to be sure that all the requests and standards are clear for everyone, working on the logo creation and also smaller tasks like meetings with other departments and editing multiple digital formats such as photographies, animated films, internet pages, layouts… To make it simple: to be sure that the website is appealing to the target audience. It slightly differs from what the job was few years ago since technologies have changed everyone’s life.

In fact, this profession can customize clients’ needs to find solutions and ideas in order to match their expectations, in line with the copyright and law regulation of the database of a company. It can also create or update the image of a client by using User Experience Design process. This means studying and enhancing the way people interact with websites, for example where they  instinctively look when a page opens.

Other useful tools for today’s designers are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, in particular on-page SEO. Why? SEO is essential to almost every online company as it shows and allows to redirect and to give a higher position to your web-site on search engines.

Social qualifications

Every designer’s task will depend on the type of organisation he is working for as well as on the image the organisation wants to spread and the tools mentioned above are the basics.

Due to the different people’s perceptions, especially when they have no knowledge in design, this job could also be very stressful and hard: a web designer has to handle the workflow and to find solutions to each request the customer has. Also society has its own codes and restrictions and the designer has to be very flexible and organized if changes have to be made.

This is why, communication is one of the key qualifications for being a web-designer. Ideas can not be spread if words are not.

To become a good web designer experience gathering is a plus since it is not other thing but the perspective widening. There is quite a microcosm of files and computer skills in marketing like css, html or php shortcuts. They are fundamental, but they still need a whole variety of designing skills. If you are creative, good at programming and at digital languages, you have the web designer profile as long as you keep yourself updated.

Web designer or web developer? Read more next time!

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