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No need to look for the cheapest hotel.

Having access to the internet gives you access to worldwide hosts and an unlimited number of people waiting to meet you and your best friends. is an international online hosting organisation, where almost all members ride bicycles and hosts do the same. On a tour by yourself or with your family, you can find someone in most of the cities and villages who will welcome you for the night and show you the landscape and travel possibilities. The aim of this organisation is to bring touring cyclists together and make it possible to anyone who is on the road to sleep in a safe place and to enjoy a relaxing time in a traditional and typical environment.

It presents itself as a “community of bike tourists” and “hospitality for touring cyclists”. The website is clear and easy to use. You can choose your host on criteria and comments from pasts visitors or just be a host if you like cycling from time to time. 58,695 riders are actually members and 50,014 of them provide a shelter so that you can enjoy their conversations and companionship every day. From a single bedroom to a place to pitch your tent in the backyard, you will always find a place to sleep. Other facilities such as laundry, internet connexion, breakfast and information about the region are almost all the time provided by hosts.

The principal is based on charity, and hosts are not obligated to accept each demand nor allowed to ask for payment. You can also cook for your hosts or eat outside if the weather is good and discover traditional places. All opportunities are created to make you appreciate the city and to start a new day with all your energy.

When did it start?

World wide, each continent has members with a larger number in North America (36% with 30,619 members) and Europe (46% with 39,061 members), Africa, Asia, Oceania and south Americans also provide shelters.

Since 1994, the amount of people joining is still increasing with 12,466 people joining the organisation in 2016. More than ten languages are spoken between members and a 70% average rate of response. This community welcomes everyone that is looking for some interactions.

Tips to plan your stay:

– Be sure to confirm your arrival time in the morning and at least six hours before you are supposed to arrive so that, in case you have to cancel, you will be able to find another place to stay.

– Do not be late or contact your host in case of a delay.

– Ask if you can use the facilities before using them (internet access, showers, laundry…).

– Respect the host and he will respect you.

– Warn your host in case of a problem or a deterioration that can occur during your stay.

However, you need to keep in mind that should only be used by riders. If you are travelling with your car or hiking, you will find as many people as you want on Hospitality club or on Couchsurfing, two online hosting pages for everyone who is travelling, regardless of their means of transport.

Hosting is a way to carry traditional and cultural background and to share with the world.

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