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Video maker is a real work

Making videos is really simple today. Everybody has a smart phone, which can record HD videos. Everybody can buy a reflex camera, which has professional properties for a very good price. All these things make people tend to think that video maker is not a real work, because they think that everybody can “become” one. But it is not the truth for many reasons. Indeed these web’s pioneers are like the Swiss army knives of the multimedia, multi-purpose, they can be producers, authors, interpreters, cameramen, editors, media planners, community managers and so on.

They are in charge of all the production line such as writing, online publishing and promoting their own products. This activity requires a large knowledge of the web in general. It’s not enough to be in front of your camera and to tell jokes to have success. For example, to make beauty videos, you have to talk in front of a camera, you have to act naturally, you have to have enough charisma to gather a community, so that you can be “the girl next door” or even “a friend” for all the followers.

Thousands and thousands of YouTube channels exist but not all of them are really famous. Professionals of the Web are conscious of the fact that it is not easy to create a community. The rhythm of publication of videos seems to be a recurring question too. Once the audience is here, some video makers don’t care about it. But the majority of youtubers plan several videos per week in order to create a link between them and their subscribers. Thus, this is really important to record videos and provide all of your energy. This rhythm is very hard to follow.

Youtubers need followers and views, the more advertisements are broadcasted on their channels, the more they can earn for their living. But there are not really rules about this subject. There are many factors that have an influence on this, like the topic of the video and the quality for example. It means that the salary of the video maker can never be regular and fix. It changes every month according to many criterias. A large amount of followers is necessary to live, thanks to this activity. And, like every job, they have to declare their money to the state. Being video maker means to be the boss of a little company, you have to take risks, try to live thanks to what you have created.

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