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Useful tips to pack your suitcase efficiently

Some people are panic-stricken when they have to pack their suitcase, especially if they are not in the habit of travelling. There are several items to keep in mind: weight restrains of luggage (in particular if you travel by plane), weather conditions, timezone, timetables of buses, trains, planes… all things that could drive you mad. Anyway, don’t worry: the first step is taking a deep breath and arrange your journey as efficiently as possible. Here you can find some useful tips that can help you to pack your suitcase.

  1. Write down a list

This is the very first thing to do since everyone should have a priority list before leaving. It is fundamental because a schedule will avoid a suitcase overload or, on the other hand, will prevent you from forgetting something. Lists change from person to person and vary in relation to your needs; for example, if you suffer from a disease or if you have an allergy, make sure that you have your medicines. You could also have a little notebook especially for your travels and title each page differently according to the type of holiday you are going on.

  1. Use compression bags to save space

Sometimes, especially when you will be away for a long time, the suitcase is too stuffed to be closed. To avoid such problem, using compression bags for clothes could be a good solution. You just need to put everything in the bag and to squeeze the air out with a vacuum cleaner. In order to save much more space you could roll your clothes instead of folding them before to fill up the bag.

  1. Bring with you as little liquids as possible

Liquids, besides being heavy, might leak. For this reason, the best choice is not to bring with you things you could buy once you’ve reached your destination (toiletries for examples). Moreover, to protect your products, you could put them in little plastic bags or use a layer of tape around the top.

  1. Shoes could be used as a pocket

Before packing your suitcase make sure you have used every single empty space. Shoes for example, could be an extra pocket to store socks, underwear and little objects in.

  1. Wear your precious gems during the journey

To reduce the risk of losing your jewellery, it is better to wear your precious gems during the journey.

Inexpensive pieces could be stored in a container lined with a tissue.

  1. Put your shoes in separately

Shoes, like hair dryer and laptop, are one of the items which take more room. For this reason, it could be better to separate them and to store them in the remaining space (such as the corner of your suitcase). Otherwise you could use zippered outside pocket if there is enough room.

  1. Bring with you a plastic bag for your dirty laundry

A plastic bag is always useful when you are away from home. It is also a good way to store dirty laundry. You could also use compression bags, but they will certainly wrinkle your clothes, so if garments do not yet require laundering, it could be better to fold or to roll them. Consider your washing machine as a welcome-home present!

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2 thoughts on “Useful tips to pack your suitcase efficiently
  • Virginie says:

    Thanks for these advices !!!
    I’m not sure I will be able to bring all my clothes to come back home in Belgium 😀

  • Peter Dsouza says:

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