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Useful Soft Skills for A Successful Application

Soft skills are interdisciplinary qualifications that are difficult to check, unlike hard skills which can be checked just by looking at your CV. Soft skills are important requirements for every job, because companies do not only require good grades and work experience, but also characteristics like the ability to work in a team, motivation and good communication skills. This is the reason why they test the applicants in order to figure out their soft skills. Here are some soft skills that are necessary for almost every job:

Having good communication skills is one of the most important and most required competences that you will need in your professional life and also to achieve success. On the one hand you will seem to be more confident and trustworthy when you are good in formulating what you want to say or what you think. On the other hand the ability to communicate does not only include formulating something in order to make people receive your message, it is also about listening to your communication partner and understanding what he or she wants to express.

A positive mental attitude is important, because your attitude affects everything. Furthermore, when you have a positive mental attitude you will be more motivated, give your best and do a good job.

Being motivated is another soft skill that is worth to have. When you are motivated you can easier convince customers of an idea or to buy something, and your colleagues will probably follow your example.

The ability to work in a team is also one of the most required skills in every company. Teamwork is required by companies, because more minds equals more ideas. However, being able to work in a team does not mean you just subordinate to the team and try to please everybody. It means you submit suggestions and work constructively to make the team achieve its objectives.

Due to globalisation many companies work together with international customers and cooperate with companies from other countries, and therefore it is useful to have cultural awareness. In different cultures there are different behaviour patterns and traditions. It is better to be aware of this, because it could have far-reaching negative consequences, if you are in a meeting with foreigners and you do something that is a no-go in their culture. Hence you have to respect and become familiar with other cultures in order to prevent negative impacts of your behaviour.

Another important soft skill is the time management. It helps you to maximize your professional competence. With a good time management method you can better organise your work days and you will be able to meet the deadlines. Closely linked to time management is the talent for organization. Organizational skills are useful to plan appointments, work processes and deadlines, in order to make an optimal use of your skills.

In conclusion you should show your future employer that you possess the skills that he or she requires. If you do not have the sufficient work experience for a certain job, you can prove your soft skills by means of leisure activities. If you are for example the captain of a football team you show the recruiter that you have a talent for employee management. Through social work like being a member of a volunteer fire department you show your recruiter that you are socially committed and able to work in a team. If you have a lack of soft skills, work on them and practise them!

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