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USA: Children’s Firearm Business

In the United States, parents knowingly and willingly buy firearms for their own children. The reality even goes beyond, as companies take advantage of this situation and design all sorts of firearms and gadgets for children.

It is for instance the case of Crickett, a brand created by the American company Keystone Sporting Arms (KSA), which slogan is “Crickett, my first rifle”. Specialised in the selling of weapons for children between 4 and 10 years old, the brand designs pink guns for girls and blue ones for boys, at a unit price of $150. But that is not all. The company also sells children’s books that highlight the carrying of firearms. Finally, the brand is also very active on the Internet and especially on YouTube, where it regularly publishes videos that defend the interests of weapons. In this way, it is possible to view a video of an 11-year old girl who protected her house from burglars thanks to her pink gun.

Publishing houses started doing likewise by releasing the book entitled “My parents open carry”. The aim of that book was plainly to encourage American children to carry a firearm on their belt. The story stages an American family going to the shooting range on Saturdays. Each member of the family carries a gun on their belt, including the children. Other children come and ask some naive questions, such as why they are carrying a gun with them. The mother replies that there are many reasons. Carrying a firearm on the belt clearly enables to quickly draw while preventing crimes. It additionally make carrying weapons ordinary by showing that good people have one.

A further innovation is the gun in the shape of a smartphone! This gun was created by “Ideal Conceal” company from Minnesota. It is fitted with two barrels that can hold one bullet each. The creator’s  intention was to design a discreet firearm, which can be carried without being visible. It was like a James Bond’s gadget that could please many little boys!

Of course, it is impossible to forget the NRA (National Rifle Association), an American pro-guns lobby, which publishes rewritten versions of the famous tales such as The Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel. The person in charge of the writing is Amelia Hamilton, an American author and pro-guns militant. She published on her Twitter account stories amongst which “The Little Red Riding Hood would have been much more in security if she could have carried a firearm”.

In the new version of the tale, The Little Red Riding Hood, on her way to her grandmother’s, is carrying jars of jam and a revolver. She is however not the the character who kills the wolf for her grandmother is able to protect herself with a gun. In revisited Hansel and Gretel, the two children are not abandoned. They are walking with their parents in the forest when they suddenly discover the gingerbread house, where the witch keeps other children captive. Hansel and Gretel become heroes after they release the children thanks to the deterrent effect of their guns.

For us European people, those facts are a bit shocking. As for American people, it is kind of “normal” for they are used to the fact that everybody has the right to carry a firearm. Some people are nevertheless anti-guns. Associations, like Moms Demand Action, try to raise awareness amongst American people.


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