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Sometimes, quantity can be better than quality. The context in which we are working today is in constant evolution, and the working groups have to carry more and more specific projects or activities. The ability to work in a team becomes therefore a prerequisite for all those who are part of the current labour market.

Today’s organizations strategy aim much on team work to achieve better results under collective talents, the ability of members to support each other to overcome the difficult times and the ability to multiply the options thanks to the creativity that comes from the confrontation of ideas. Thus, at the base of team work there is a group with specific skills which shares a purpose, has a common goal, works closely and shares the successes.

A good team can count on a good level of communication, transparency in methods for its goals to be reached.

Besides, a working group needs to provide a good time management and to respect the hierarchy and procedures. The team-working skills become a requirement by companies that select personnel. It is clear that acquiring this capacity could lead to a better life working environment and improve their level of performance. In recognition of this, it allows an organization to achieve something that an individual who works alone cannot.

Thus, there are a lot of advantages for working in a team:

    • Efficiency: when people coordinate their efforts, they can split the roles and tasks to more people and it becomes very helpful when different departments of the same company work together. So everyone can bring something new.
    • Support: they can help each other to overcome difficult time and work together to reach the goal.
    • Speed: they can often complete tasks and activities in less time. Effective time management involves prioritizing, scheduling and focusing on work to maintain productivity.
    • More ideas: each person who works in a team can bring different information and knowledge from their department and offer suggestions and a distinct point of view. That is also possible with some techniques like brainstorming, meeting and workshop.

To sum up these four points, working with a different group of people, sometimes in different locations, presents many challenges. Finally, learning to work together effectively in a team environment enables everyone to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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