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Internship-UK offers flexible working hours

In most of the companies these days working hours are strictly tied to the office hours. When the office opens you will have to start working and if you are one of the lucky ones to finish your work when the office closes you still do not have the chance to choose your working hours.

Here in Internship-UK New Romney office you are able to choose your own working shifts which suit you the best. For the morning people there is the morning shift starting from 8am. Someone who would like to spend an extra hour in bed instead can start at 9am in flexible shift. For those who like to stay up late and sleep even longer there is evening shift which you can start either at 11am or 1pm depending on your own preference. And in case the weather is nice (once in a blue moon) there is a possibility to split your shift starting from 8am to 12 pm and doing the remaining hours later in the afternoon or evening.

Being able to choose your own shifts is to help productivity and to keep the mood better in the office environment. We are all different and we have different obligations in the company so we can decide our working shifts accordingly. Some of the departments have some requirements because they need to be always reachable and therefore have people in the office but that is where team work comes in as the department has to work together to ensure the availability at all times.

There is also a chance to work in extra hours during the week. When you reach 8 hours you will get an additional day off and it will be deducted from your working days that you have left. The amount days that you have to work and you have off depends on the length of your contract.

Additionally there are no certain days that you have to work but you have the flexibility to take days off and enjoy some holidays or travel if you wish to as long as you can then work the days in before the end of your contract. This gives an amazing opportunity for those who want to travel while working and need the flexibility to do so.

If you are interested in an internship in marketing, translation, accounting, IT web development / design, media, human resources, recruitment or customer relationship management and wish to be in charge of your own working hours then Internship-UK New Romney office is the perfect fit for you. You can APPLY around the year as we are always looking for talented people to join our team.

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