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Toulouse, the Pink City

Toulouse’s charming nickname mainly comes from the colour of the terracotta bricks of the houses and buildings walls in the city centre, which is a sort of orangey pink. It also comes from the colour of the roofs’ clay tiles. This city is located in the south of France and is close to Spain, which also means that it is not far from the Mediterranean sea. There, the summers are warm and the winters are mild thanks to a temperate climate influenced by the sea.

I follow a river

First of all, you have to know that the river which crosses the city is the Garonne. The region in which Toulouse is located is called Haute-Garonne and is named after the river. One of the best way to see it is to sit on the quais de la Daurade, preferably on a sunny afternoon or while admiring the sunset.

Nice to meet you

Then, Toulouse is known to be a student city with many universities. Over there you can easily meet people and make friends. You can also socialize by going out to bars, clubs, restaurants and events.  And, fortunately, there are plenty of them. Everything is mainly situated in the city centre, even if you can find a good address everywhere. For instance, you can go to the Place des Carmes or to the Place Wilson where you can find a good number of bars / restaurants.

This city is constantly evolving while maintaining its cultural patrimony.

Culture Vulture

Talking about culture, there are many traditional sites in the Pink City. You might love to visit the Capitole for example. It is situated in the centre of Toulouse in the middle of the Place du Capitole. This monument houses the huge Capitole theatre and the wonderful City Hall (in which you can admire large chandeliers and historical paintings). Moreover, a beautiful place to visit is also the Jacobins coven located not far from the Capitole. It is characterized by a Gothic style architecture, an impressive interior capacity, and an amazing church. Finally, if you are interested in Space, you can go to the Cité de l’Espace which includes, amongst others, the Ariane 5 Rocket and the Planetarium, and which is enjoyable to do with friends or family. There are many others things to visit there but it would be too long to list everything.

Eat high on the hog

As a conclusion, the last thing you have to know about Toulouse is its culinary delights. One of them is the goose “foie gras” (meaning “fatty liver”) which is a cooked liver that has been specially fattened, and which is generally eaten with bread. Another is the “Cassoulet”, which is a dish made of meat (pork, goose, duck) and white beans. Then you absolutely need to taste the “Saucisse de Toulouse” (which means Toulouse sausage and which is made of pork, salt and pepper).

Toulouse is a city in which it feels good to live, and where people are warm-hearted and welcoming. You might be lucky and go there someday..


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