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Daniel Jimenez

Do you want to be a top student? You do not have to be a genius: if you do the same things they do and adopt the same habits, you will become a better or a top student yourself. In the following article, I am going to give you some recommendations based on habits that top students usually have:

Your textbook is not the only source of information. Reading your textbook is not the only method to learn something; sometimes it is boring and you will spend a lot of time. Top students prefer to learn with examples and practical problems because the theory is not always clear. They also check old exams.

Google is your best friend: If your teacher gives you a textbook and some practical examples, it is not the only information available. You have unlimited information online, you only have to use your fingers to look for more explanations.

They usually test themselves. If you test your strengths, your brain is hardly working and new connections are being created.

They always need to know why: Why did I get this value? Why did I use a derivation to solve this problem? Why do I have to do that to get the correct result? Top students need explanations. Following and memorizing the steps to solve a calculus problem is useful to pass exams. If you want to learn, you have to know what a derivative is and why you are using it. You should understand the interconnections of the concept and how to directly apply that to a problem.

Making mistakes is a good way to learn. When a normal student passes their exams, they feel happy and they do not care about their mistakes. A top student learns about each mistake, they need to know why they failed. They will never make the same mistakes twice.

Top students make their own guidelines. Teachers give them lessons but they create their own guidelines or summaries. They never copy other guidelines or use guidelines from other students. When you are creating your study guides, you are learning. By doing that, you organize and structure the ideas in your brain.

They never complain. If they disagree with something, they change it, ignore it, but they do not waste their time or energy talking about it. Are your teachers or your textbooks horrible? Find alternative resources (Google is always fine).

In conclusion, I would like to say that if you are not a top student, try to behave as them. Your marks will improve.

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