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Tips to succeed a job interview

Getting a job interview can sometimes be a source of stress for many people but in order to calm down, you have to keep in mind that this interview could definitely change your life if you succeed. That is why it is necessary to follow some rules which can help us to keep stress away or at least to be prepared for the D-day.

In this way, recruiters give a special attention to your attitude during the interview. Of course your career path is really important too but they also take into account a lot of other factors. Here are some tips you can follow in order to maximise your chances to achieve.

  1. Thinking before talking

If you take 3 seconds to think and prepare an answer in your mind, it will allow you to avoid some verbal tics like “hmm”, “you know”… It is sometimes hard to change the way you talk but you have to give the recruiter a positive note of yourself, they want to check if you are capable to express yourself in a formal way because you will certainly have to face customers. In this way, you will represent the company and you have to be serious to do it. Try to structure your speech, the recruiter will appreciate it.

  1.  How to present your speech?

Even if you have an impressive resume, and if your career path matches with the job advertisement, you will still have to impress the recruiter by arousing his interest. In order to do that, the intonation of your voice is a real asset, it will help you to sell your presentation. For instance, it is difficult for a recruiter to believe that you are a dynamic person if you tell him in a weary way. You also have to think about your posture in front of the recruiter but also about the way you play with your hands to explain things. Finally, be careful with eye-contact, do not stare at him for too long but do not always look at the floor either. Do not forget to smile!
The way you act is in most cases more important than the way you talk!

  1. Dress-code

According to a survey, during an interview, you are evaluated on 55% for your appearance, 38% for your gesture and only 7% for your statements. The recruiter expects you to wear suitable clothes during the interview, you have to appear in your best light.

  1. Punctuality

Never be late for an interview! That is the worst thing to do. If there is a real reason, please contact the company and give them an explanation, they will normally understand if the reason is important enough. In some cases, you will have to wait for the recruiter, do not be rude and sit quietly.

  1. Preparation

As you know, preparation is the key to succeed a job interview. The recruiter will notice if you prepared your presentation or not. Preparation will allow you to be consistent but also to reply quick on the draw to the recruiter’s questions. In this way, you will not be destabilized and the recruiter will notice that you are self-confident. With preparation, you can appear to be more spontaneous in your answers. This behaviour will put your interlocutor at ease.

  1. Talking about yourself

As you know, it can sometimes be really difficult to talk about yourself but this is the favourite question of most of the recruiters. In fact, it is a trick question. The person wants to test your capacity to synthesize a clear speech related to the job. Do not worry about that, just try to sell yourself, to be clear and brief and most important thing, to not overdo it!

  1. Former company

When the recruiter will ask you about your former company, the most important thing is to stay polite towards them. Do not say bad things about your former co-workers or about the company itself. Even if you had complications and you are looking for another position because of that, you have to find out a professional argument. If you start to criticize now, the recruiter will think that you will do the same in his company.

  1. Good bye and thank you!

During a job interview, the way you leave is also important. The recruiter will ask you if you need more information or if you have any further questions. That is the moment for you to show your interest, ask him to deepen some points, etc. In this way, you will give the impression that you are already planning to work for them and that you are committed. To conclude your interview, do not forget to thank your interlocutor, tell him goodbye and ask him to thank the other people who were willing to receive you.

Now you have all the arguments to succeed! Those tips can, in most cases, make a real difference. Just relax, prepare yourself and show self-confidence. Good luck!

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