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Tips to speak in public

Daniel Jimenez

Do you have problems when you have to speak in public? You are not usually nervous but when you are making a speech you are the most nervous person all around the world. Do not be afraid. In the following article I am going to give you some useful recommendation in order to solve this embarrassing problem.

1) You do not have to improvise if you are not a professional spokesperson. The most important tip is that you have to know what you are speaking about. First of all, do your research and know the topic. Secondly, prepare your presentation, you should write a document with all the ideas which you want to transmit. Do not forget to be organized.

2) When you have prepared your text, you have to go through the speech. You have to read it a lot of times. Then read it again. Practice with your dog or in front of a mirror. After that, find people and practise in front of them. You do not have to memorise it word per word, you only have to know the ideas you want to transmit. When you are going to introduce an other idea, you should take a small break (10 seconds should be enough) and change the presentation slide, if you have made a Power Point presentation, in order to make the public mind interested in your speech.

3) Be self-confident. You have to be the first person who believes in you. If you have negative way of thinking and if you think that you are going to fail, you will not do it. Think PMA: Positive Mental Attitude.

4) Who is going to listen to your speech? Your friends? Your colleagues? Your department office? A judge? You have to know who your audience is and to adapt your speech to them. If you speak to your friend, you can be funny but if you speak to a judge, you have to convince him. Give them what they want.

5) When you are speaking in public, everybody has to understand you. Pace yourself and remember vocalize and to speak slowly and clearly. If you have a wonderful presentation but people do not understand you, your speech will be useless.

6) Look at your audience when you are speaking to it. You will look more confident with a head up and the audience will think that you have prepared it.

7) You have to know what your audience is expecting of you and to provide it to them. Do not be too long and leave people dissatisfied. If you are too long, you will be boring.

To conclude, I would like to say that all of these tips will improve your speeches but do not forget to stay yourself. If you try to be another person, you will fool yourself.

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