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Tips to make a good advertising campaign

We watch between 1.200 to 2.200 advertising per day. Indeed, advertising is everywhere: on TV, on public transportations, on the plane, on the street, on the internet and on social networks. Among all this advertising we can only remember eight of it at the end of the day.

How to make a good advertising campaign?    

Before thinking of what type of advertising you want to do, you will have to determine your target. It is necessary to do that because it will help you to build your campaign. If you do not have the good target your advertising will have no impact on your customers.

After the targeting step, you have to think about the message you want to spread. It has to describe your product or service, its functionality, and why your product is the best compared to your competitors. The message has to be short and easy to understand if you want your clients to remember it. For example coca-cola message was “Open a coca-cola, open happiness”. It is easy to remember because it is simple, short and understandable.

Then you can think about the way you will show your product or service. There are different ways to show something:

  • Shocking advertising in order for people to remember it as WWT campaign which denounces cruelty to animals. “Rubbish can be recycled. Not nature” it was a campaign which shows  the body of an animal made with rubbish. However, if your campaign is too shocking, people will dislike it and it will be banned. Indeed “Don’t cut a dream” is a campaign which shows Santa Claus’ cut-off head. It was automatically removed because it was judged too violent.
  • Making some mystery about what you want to sell. You can arouse interest of people to make them remember it. Indeed, people like when there are some enigmas. But this is only at the beginning, after a period you have to reveal the mystery. If you do not say anything people will think that you also have no idea about what your product or service is. For example “Each time you sleep with someone, you sleep with his past” was a campaign for AIDS fight. But it was a fail because the picture was too ambiguous and there was any indication about the aim campaign.
  • Funny advertising can be a good way to capture people’s attention because they will think that is not a bad idea to show something like that and they will take some pictures of your advertising. McDonald put some boards to indicate to people how many meters they still have to walk in order to find a McDonald fast food.
  • Using social media to have a biggest impact. Indeed, there are 1.59 billions monthly active users on social network. Moreover, social media are a free platform. Thus your campaign will cost nothing. For example, Guerlain put an advertising on Instagram in order to target trendy women. Thus in less than 3 months Guerlain targeted around 2 million people and obtained 185 000 likes and good commentary on its product. Guerlain saw its sales skyrocket.

There are many ways to make good advertising. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to choose your target first and then you can start to think about the way you will promote what you sell.

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