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How to score in a job interview explained by recruiters

Every time we have a job interview, we ask ourselves the same question: What do I have to do, so that they take me? Some of us then try to read up on the topic. Others try to remember all the tips our friends and family have ever given to us and then there are those that just try to wing it. However, the question stays the same: What do we have to do? This and some more questions will be answered in this interview by the lovely recruiters Cristina and Elina from Internship-uk.

Reporter: So what is the most important thing in an interview for you as a recruiter?

Cristina: Honesty and giving as much information as possible.

Elina: Communication skills. It is kind of hard to do an interview if you don’t understand each other. So you need communication skills and then we go from there.

R: What impresses you in an interview?

C: Good questions and even better: good answers.

E: Positivity.

C: Yes, it is really about the attitude.

R: What are absolute “no-gos”?

C: If the applicant is not really interested in the internship and only applies because he or she is obliged to do so.

E: Something extreme. If the applicant can’t speakvery wellor is really rude. Thingswhichshould never happen really.

R: When talking about job interviews, we often hear about so called “trick questions”. Could you explain what exactly they are and how best to respond to them?

C: These are questions where there is no right and wrong. It depends on what the company is looking for. For example there was this one case where somebody applied for a job at Google and the manager took him to McDonalds, gave him money and left. The applicant went in and bought a bit of everything, when the manager came back and saw that, he gave him the job, because he had opted for a varied selection.

E: These questions are asked to see, if you will answer or if you just go “Oh my God, oh my God, why do they ask me this question?”. I, for example, was once asked in the middle of an interview, what my favourite colour was. I answered straight away that it was blue, but what they wanted to see was if I would just answer or try to figure out first why they were asking this question.

C: Yes, they want to find out, if you know how to react.

R: Your tip for interviewees?

C: Honesty. Honesty really is the most important thing, I think.

E: Positivity. A positive mental attitude. If you are positive about it, then everything will be fine.

We hope these tips could help you a little bit for you next job interview. Be honest and positive and the recruiters’ first impression will surely be a good one. Good luck!

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