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Think positive

Positivity: a real strange word that not everybody considers as a good feeling.

In a workplace, people in general have lots of problems, lots of stress which can damage firstly yourself and then others or the interests around him/her. We live in a society, where everyone tries to constantly put others in bad situations to prevail over them, to became more important and to realize their dream. In this case it’s not so easy to have a positive behaviour. At the same time, we can understand that, if someone acts in this way, due to this behaviour, it might be because they are jealous of you, your success or your personality.

During life there are lots of experiences that can change personality in a better or a worse way. Sometimes people are worried about these because they are not comfortable experiencing new feeling or sensations. What can help in those particular situations especially difficult ones? Increasing mind, mentality, knowledge.

Some studies say that it’s not enough to dream of being happy or positive. For this reason it’s fundamental to change your way of life. We must always be informed. Life is full of surprises, which is why we need to take our fate into our own hands. Many professors think that positivity is based on willingness and emotions. Also many authors tried to explain in their books that in every experience, there could be some features that at first it may seem only negative but in reality have many positive aspects. This is helpful to understand the best way to react and to change the situation in a better way.

The reason why we were born is to achieve new experiences/skills, to have some different interests, and be open-minded and to reach our goals. This is very important to enrich our confidence and personality.

The secret to be happy is to do what makes your heart feel good and what gives you satisfaction. Some people probably do not want to get out of their “comfort zone”, afraid of this continuous change of mentality or of a change of something in yourself, which makes them stop the process of being happy from within.

To conclude we must not just dream positive but it’s necessary to use our energies to reach positive results, which is important for our own growth.

Act more and think less.

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