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The SWOT is the analysis of the environment of a company. Thanks to this method, you can study the internal environment and the external environment of the company you want to know more about. The SWOT can be presented as a table or as a list. In every categorie you have to put maximum 5 or 6 elements.



The “S” is for Strengths. You have to list the strengths of the company, it is the internal environment because the strengths depend on the company. For example you can analyse where your place between all of your competitors is, so that you can see where you are located in the market.


The “W” stands for Weaknesses. You have to list the weaknesses. It also is part of the internal environment of the company. You have to analyse the market and the environment. For example the budget, the brand reputation, the lack of technology of the company, etc.


The “O” stands for Opportunities. You have to list the opportunities. It is part of the external environment of the company. You have to see, if the market presents opportunities, which is depending on the company. For example, you have to see if you can extend your company, to export, if you can do international business.


The “T” is for Threats. You have to list the threats of the company. It is part of the external environment because the company can’t do anything against threats so you have to find solutions. For example analyse the law, your competitors, the customers, your providers, substitution product or service, new entrants in the market, etc.



Then, you conclude by listing the key success factors.

To do this you have to summarize the SWOT. First you have to say what are the strengths and the opportunities of the company. Then, explain what are the weaknesses and the threats and try to find solutions for them. With this analysis you can easily target the market and focus on the expectations of the customers to satisfy them.

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