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The Kig ha Farz : a speciality from Brittany

The Kig ha farz is a traditional dish mainly eaten in the Léon region north of Brest, France. Its name simply means “meat and far” in Breton. The far has a taste resembling crêpes but with a bit more sugar.

This recipe was previously known as a dish for the poor. It could be called the Breton pot-au-feu, but it stands out because of the buckwheat flour (sarrasin in French) used to make the farz. The pastry is usually cooked in a cloth bag and served with a broth.

The recipe could be cut in 3 parts : first there is the preparation of the broth. It contains vegetables like carrots, onions, leeks, turnips and cabbage but most of the time some meat, usually pork and beef, is added to the broth.

Next is making the 2 farz, black and white. For the black one, flour and eggs are mixed in a bowl then diluted with a bit of milk. Then salt and cream are added. The pastry is later put in bag and cooked in the broth. The white one is made the same way except for the use of usual flour, the sugar replacing the salt and some added raisins. The two bags cook with the broth for around 2 hours.

The 3rd part is faster to do. A lipig (a sauce) needs to be made by melting small pieces of shallots with some butter to use as accompaniment.

When it has finished cooking, you can serve the farz in plates cut in slices and accompanied with the vegetables and the meat, then covered with the lipig. To drink, some breton cider is recommended.

This Breton dish allow people from the Léon region to gather often and have friendly and convivial reunions. It is really popular during fest-noz, little festivals taking place in Brittany. This culinary tradition stays very prominent in north-western Brittany but it has begun to spread to other regions since the 1990s.

To conclude, if you ever find yourself in Brittany and in the Léon region, do not forget to try the Kig ha farz, I am sure you will not regret it and ask for a second one!


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