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The importance of working abroad

I study in a business school in France and this year I had to find an internship abroad. I wanted to go to England to improve my English. I wanted to use what I learnt at school in a real life situation. So, I have chosen to work in the marketing/accounting department because I study marketing and accounting. I knew that the UK and France don’t use the same working system, so I wanted to learn more about UK’s working system, because I haven’t learnt about it at school. I think it is good for me to know both of those systems for my future career, in order to be more knowledgeable about working environments in different countries and to not have any difficulties.

The company is located in New Romney a little city in Kent. Here there are other trainees, so if we want to communicate we have to speak English, which is good in order to improve my communication skills and my English too. Firstly, I wanted to go to a big city like London. But now, I understand that living in a little town is a big opportunity because I can’t speak French, I have to speak English all the time, since in a little city like Kent, the chances of finding someone who speaks the same language as me, which is French, is smaller than in a big city like London.

The first day was hard, I felt lost because I was alone in a country I didn’t know. As I am shy, it was difficult for me to talk to other people. But, I was alone so I had to speak with them and now I am less shy and it will help me for my future career because I am going to meet a lot of people, speak with them, and improve my communication skills as well. Now, after one day, I feel better in the environment and it will be helpful for me during a job interview because I will share my experience and my ability to adapt myself. This can add more value to my application.

Finding a job in another country was hard because I couldn’t meet my employer directly, I had to speak another language to apply, during the job interview, in mails and so on. But even if it was difficult, I did it and it proved my determination. Also, I think having experience is always a good thing, and if it is in another country it is even better because you learn new ways to work and a new culture, that signify that you are open-minded.

For this internship I expect to grow as a person. For my business life, I hope I will improve various skills like communication and working with a team. I hope that this experience I am about to jump into will change the way I see cultures and different work environments.

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