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The future of communication

The world of business depends on the consumers’ way of thinking and feeling. In the last few years, a new field of economics called Neuromarketing, has emerged. Neuromarketing applies the techniques of neuroscience to marketing, with the aim of studying how advertising and other forms of communication affect the human brain.

The aim is to be able to foresee the consumer’s behaviour. In other words, it intends to navigate through the consumer’s emotions regarding what they want. Neuromarketing is an advanced discipline, whose goal is to investigate and study the brain processes that enlighten both the behaviour and decisions of people, in the field of action of traditional marketing (market intelligence, product design and services, communication, pricing, branding, positioning, targeting, sales and channel, etc.).

In this way, one can read the consumers’ mind, understand their desires and what motivates them to make a decision. This will help them do better deals or to consume a given product or service, regardless of the size of the organization they work for, the product they want to sell or the type of consumer by which they’re appealed.

The former rules of Marketing and Communication are to be completely replaced. Indeed, the most innovative companies are already applying the new standards related to the concepts of Neuromarketing. Brand like Adidas, Nike, Ikea, Coca Cola, Google, Apple etc. are overcoming well the global economic depression.

Recent studies on Neuromarketing have shown that the brain, over the right (the centre of conceptual and metaphoric thinking) and the left hemisphere (the centre of logical and linear thinking), is divided into three different parts, each of whom having a specific function:

  • The Rational Brain (thinking): the cerebral cortex that processes rational data and shares its conclusions with the two others;
  • The Intermediate Brain (listening): processes the emotions and deep feelings with the two other brains;
  • The Primitive Brain (decision-making): takes into account the information coming from the other two and makes the decisions.

A positive communication needs to stimulate each one of the three areas.

The future is about Behavioural Economics, a branch of economics that explains how economic decisions are made, regarding the requirements of conventional economic theory, based on full and total rationality.

Thus, these sciences will enable marketers, managers, consultants but even an average person to make wise choices in the future.


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