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The CRM Experience

Within the CRM department, all of the client enquiries are dealt with through emails, telecommunication and through our database server. Many partner hotels are linked with our supplier and we are the connection between these hotels’ networking system. Our job entails good communication skills to answer all enquiries professionally and as company protocol edicts with PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). If you have trouble understanding the articulation of certain words via telephone or Skype, the phonetic alphabet is a vital tool to avoid miscommunication.

If you would like to start in the CRM department in a placement opportunity, it is important to practise your English speaking and writing skills daily and preferably speak more than one language to reduce the amount of frustration of some clients. The best experience is made possible when creating a positive environment around you and this can only be done when taking a positive attitude towards the opportunity given to you to improve at a professional and social level.

Being an intern in a company surrounded by many other interns of different departments allows you to multi-task to create a strong work environment and give some of your competences in other areas where you excel. This is a strategy to give help to those who are having difficulty in certain areas of practise. If you are proficient in a certain language, you can for example help in translation or if you have some marketing skills you can share knowledgeable strategies. Therefore, even if you are technically in another department it is recommended to give aid to those in need of service.

The CRM department requires marketing skills, high English language proficiency, translation if possible and professional communicational skills. These are key to work in a multi-cultural environment, answering calls from clients around the world and knowing how to strategize.

Strategy is key in any organisation; knowing how to complete certain tasks using all the tools learnt. In this company you can gain experience, learn how to use these tools and how to manage your time wisely. Time is meant to be your friend not an obstacle. Taking the time to analyse a situation can avoid chaos and inconvenient outcomes. Hence, finding great techniques can create a fully proven system to excellent productivity.

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