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After a period in the industrial sector to tertiary sector, the roles on the workplace have changed. Indeed, there has been a transfer from factories to the world of services, thus it is born the necessity to think about people’s needs like satisfaction, self-esteem, motivation, ideals, values, desire to do. The community is a place where people can share ideas, opinions and be creative too. People are the driving force of the firm, so they have to feel themselves a part of the community. Today, it is important to create a corporate culture that takes in consideration people because the workplace is the main place where they spend their life.

There are several practices that help management to create the community’s atmosphere. Every company should build a specific area of discussion where people can ask some advice, where they can explain their new ideas and where they can share their vision. Be creative is the first step for the corporation’s growth because this incentive an uninterrupted increase towards new products, new brands, new techniques etc. Corporates should be “open-minded”, this means think out of the box, they should go beyond bureaucratic practice, in this way people are free to move in their job in the best way for them.

Problem-solving is another best practice to make a community because when people learn to move between problems, they are learning to create new ideas. In this way they train themselves to be pro-active. The management and staff have to be honest if they want to build a work community. Being honest is the first role to create a good atmosphere in which workers are free to create a relationship without prejudice or stereotype. Then, to realize a sense of community, corporates have to make a motto that shows in a few seconds the firm’s vision. This motto is also useful during the process of new workers’ integration, so immediately they learn the culture of the company and the mission they are going to take part into.

Creativity and innovation are the basis for corporate community. It has been demonstrated that the most innovative corporates have a sense of community and they are the best in the market. So if you want have a competitive firm in a market, you should have a sense of community.

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