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The advent of social media


During the last years social media has become very important and necessary to communicate with people from all over the world about products, services and the company’s aims.  They are the best opportunities for a brand to connect with potential consumers because we can do it at a deeper level.

Traditional marketing methods are not sufficient to sustain a business. Businesses have to be aware  that social media is becoming the key to marketing. We cannot escape from social media these days, either for individuals or for businesses. Obviously, managers have to handle the social media following the organization’s missions and goals. A firm has to be on Facebook with its Logo to extend it through media.

Social media, as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, changed the way we communicate, collaborate and buy. Besides, they changed the way the firms connect with their customers and that allows to lower its costs. Using social media marketing to promote brands, sell products is cheaper than other ways. So marketers are intensively using social media to realize their strategies in a lower cost.

Furthermore, they are influencing the way consumers buy products and services. Indeed they can come to the firm`s social media, perceiving its aim and see all the advices about products and services. So the company can provide the consumers a quick solution and a reason to buy its product rather than others. An important example of that is Instagram, here, they can check the pictures of products, the information and how to buy it. That is a good opportunity because it allows to reach all the world in few seconds and to expand sales abroad.

Moreover, with the analytics and other measuring instruments, managers can use data to optimize their social media marketing campaigns and to understand the weaknesses and the possible future opportunities

At the end, we can say they are the tools that allow to explore new business frontiers, spreading ideas and innovative content. No one can afford not to consider social media in this era or to avoid being left behind technologically.

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