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The 5 most beautiful beaches in France

Want to travel, to discover the treasures of the French coast?

But first, what is a “beautiful” beach? The answer can vary depending on the holidayer’s expectations: it can be a wild and almost deserted beach, a clean and easily accessible beach, a sandy beach without algae, a high tide …

To satisfy everyone and give an overview of the beauties that the French coastline has to offer, here is a guide to the 5 best beaches in France.

The first one is the Basque Coast in Biarritz, Aquitaine:

As the cradle of surfing, with an exceptional beach setting surrounded by cliffs and a wonderful view of the Spanish coast and the mountains, this beach is a piece of paradise. Swimming is suspended at high tide, for the beach is inaccessible then. Parking spots are available above the cliff, and the beach can be accessed by stairs, paths and even a free shuttle.

The second most beautiful beach is Palombaggia beach in Porto-Vecchio, Corsica:

Palombaggia is the most famous beach in Corsica, and has justifiably been voted one of the Top 10 best beaches in Europe.

This much-loved, flawless beach inevitably gets exceptionally busy during peak season. Given its popularity, arriving early in the morning to reserve a good spot is worth it.

Flanked by mountains and umbrella-shaped pines, Palombaggia is a beautiful 2 km stretch of powdery golden sand and shallow crystal clear blue water which deepens gradually. The pink granite headlands that enclose the beach add to the rich variety of colours on this delightful beach.

Palombaggia beach is a protected nature site and is cleaned regularly. The beach faces the archipelago of Cerbicale, which contains small uninhabited but very attractive islands.

The third is Hendaye Beach in Hendaye, Aquitaine:

Grande Beach in Hendaye is one of the biggest beaches on the Basque coast. It extends over several kilometres along the seafront of Hendaye, only a few steps away from Spain.

The widest part is located to the north of Hendaye (across from the Thalassotherapy centre, in the zone closest to Spain). Depending on the tide, this beach’s width can reach 400 meters!

The slight slope into the water makes it easier to go swimming: that is why Hendaye Beach is particularly appreciated by families. In the summer, a lifeguard watches out for eventual problems on this beach, thus securing the area. This beach is also recommended for beginner surfers. Finally, there are several restaurants and kiosks along this beach, and during the summer season, it is possible to rent a mattress or a tent.

The fourth is Touquet beach in Touquet, Nord-Pas-de-Calais:

As a seaside resort that saw its heyday in the early twentieth century, the Touquet-Paris-Beach is well known for hosting the international haute bourgeoisie in the 1920s. Today, the city is a posh and quaint resort. There are beautiful seaside villas of Anglo-Norman style to be admired, as well as neo medieval and neoclassical Art Deco. And the forest bordering Touquet is a delightful place to take a walk. The Touquet-Paris-beach is a long beach of more than twelve kilometers, with exceptionally fine sand. Over the century, yachting activities have kept spreading near that beach. Given its Western orientation, the sun offers beautiful stretches of glowing light on several kilometers.

The fifth is Pampelonne in Saint-Tropez, Provence:

The world-renowned sand of Pampelonne has been a mecca for tourists for over half a century. Many Hollywood stars, famous artists or rich people used to come to this beach (and it is still the case), since it is also natural, preserved, and surrounded by vines, bamboo and pine trees.

Here more than elsewhere, luxury showers and champagne are perfectly in tune with the sweetness of life in Saint-Tropez. It is a unique place, where establishments like Le Club 55, Tahiti or La Voile Rouge made it a real institution, with hotels, restaurants, private beaches, shops, first aid stations, jet skiing, nudist areas, showers, pontoons, boats, shuttles, parking lots… Note that the 5 kilometer long beach is accessible from five access points on the road.


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2 thoughts on “The 5 most beautiful beaches in France
  • Yasin says:

    Very good work, article clear and very interesting. It will help me, and others peoples, to find the good beach for my next holiday if we want to travel in France.

    Keep continuing like this !

  • Michela says:

    I really liked this article because it gave me a little mental break and while I was reading it I imagined myself lying on one of this beautiful beaches! For a moment I couldn’t realize to be in my office in front of my computer and with this wonderful English weather. Thank you for these few minutes of “holiday”!

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