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The 10 most delicious dishes you can find in France

 As everyone shall be aware of, France is well known for having an incredible cuisine. French gastronomy became Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2010, which is promoted by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Moreover, France is described as “the country with the best gastronomy in the world”. Let’s just begin with the starters.


– “Oeufs à la coque” (hard boiled eggs): it consists in boiling an egg with its shell in water for exactly 3 minutes so that the egg white is cooked but not the egg yolk. It is usually eaten just with “mouillettes” (tiny slices of bread), salt and pepper.

– “Escargots”: Even if it definitely looks like something disgusting, it actually tastes quite good, this is delicious. Big snails are used for this starter but as it is a protected species, their harvest is only authorised after June. Pull the snail from its shell and just remove the part with intestines and all that stuff, and keep the part called “sabot”. Wash the shells and replace a “sabot” in each one, that you then fill with “escargot butter” (butter with garlic and parsley) and bake in the oven until the butter is melted, yummy. This dish is usually eaten during the period between Christmas and the New Year.

– “Cuisses de grenouilles” (frog legs): just cooked in butter, garlic, herbs and breadcrumb to make them crispy, simply delicious.

After these starters, you may be more hungry. Here are the delicious dishes.


– “Magret de canard” (duck breast fillet): it is not one of the most eaten meats compared to pork or beef, but it is certainly one of the most tasty. To be delicious it must not be overcooked nor undercooked, just between the two. The duck can be served along with everything, depending on your taste (it can be vegetables, potatoes, salad, etc). If you want to serve a sauce with the duck, just brown onions cut in pieces and pour red wine in the same stove that the onions. You then just have to deglaze the preparation and to let it reduce.

-”Bouchées à la reine” (also called “vol-au-vent”): it is a circular puff pastry filled with chicken of turkey pieces and mushrooms. These were cooked in a vegetables broth which was then turned into a delicious sauce. They are usually served with rice.

-”Quiche lorraine”: a speciality of the eastern region. It is a salty pie made of bacon, cream, cheese and eggs. It is generally served with salad and can be eaten cold or warm.

-”Moules, frites” (mussels, fries): this is a very famous dish in northern France and it was cooked for the first time in 1875 in Belgium. People normally eat 1.5 kg of mussels and these are served in the recipient they were cooked in along with fries.


– “Croissant”: that is certainly the most famous pastry in France. It is usually eaten in the morning and is present in all French “boulangeries/pâtisseries” (baker’s shops). The first ones were sold in 1837 in Paris. It is generally filled with chocolate, almond paste or simply nothing. The dough is mostly made with butter (yes unfortunately these aren’t good if you are on a diet).

– “Eclairs”: these are eaten at 4.00 pm for the “goûter”, a small sweet moment between lunch and dinner. Until 1850, they were called “pain à la duchesse” or “petite duchesse”. They are made of a choux pastry filled with chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, custard or any of the many other ganaches. They are finally covered with icing.

– “Macarons”: these are also eaten at 4.00 pm. This is maybe the most complicated pastry to cook, as you have to be very precise with the quantities, the movements of your wrist and so on, but I can assure you it’s totally worth it. It is made of a French-meringue-based biscuit filled with a ganache. Then it usually needs to be set aside for 24 hours before being savoured. As a lot of time is needed to prepare them, macarons are often more expensive than other pastries.

 So I think these are sufficient motivations for you. If you want to come and visit France, do not hesitate. It is a marvellous country with a beautiful culinary heritage. France has also a large variety of wines and cheese, which you would be happy to taste and discover.

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