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How does Social Media influence our lives?

The interpersonal communication between the people decreased really fast during the last few years. Social Media platforms just as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Snapchat make the life a little easier – so they say. It makes it easier to share pictures of your current vacation with people who aren’t even on the same continent as […]


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USA: Children’s Firearm Business

In the United States, parents knowingly and willingly buy firearms for their own children. The reality even goes beyond, as companies take advantage of this situation and design all sorts of firearms and gadgets for children. It is for instance the case of Crickett, a brand created by the American company Keystone Sporting Arms (KSA), […]


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Le sous-titrage

Durant votre stage dans le département Traduction, il se peut que l’on vous demande d’effectuer des tâches pour lesquelles vous n’avez pas été formé pendant vos études, comme par exemple la révision et le sous-titrage. Il s’agit de choses que vous devrez apprendre par vous-même, ainsi qu’avec l’aide de votre superviseur et de vos collègues. […]


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During your stay in the Translation Department, you might be asked to accomplish tasks that you have never trained for during your studies, such as Proofreading or Subtitling. This is the kind of things you can learn both by yourself and with the help of your supervisor and your co-workers. Since I had never subtitled […]


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5 Maneras de promocionar su marca

Una buena campaña de marketing siempre es fundamental. Puede que tenga los mejores productos del mercado, los precios más bajos, la mejor calidad o la más desarrollada tecnología, pero si ésto solo lo conocen sus amigos, le aseguramos que no llegará muy lejos. En la era en la que estamos y con las múltiples herramientas […]


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