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The importance of working abroad

I study in a business school in France and this year I had to find an internship abroad. I wanted to go to England to improve my English. I wanted to use what I learnt at school in a real life situation. So, I have chosen to work in the marketing/accounting department because I study […]


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Des différences entre le Royaume Uni et la France dans le monde du travail

Le Royaume Uni et la France sont deux pays différents. Ils ne fonctionnent pas sur le même système et n’ont pas les mêmes habitudes de travail. En premier lieu, les anglais travaillent plus que les français. En effet, en France, nous travaillons 35 heures par semaine maximum. En Angleterre c’est au moins 37 heures par semaine. […]


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Differences between UK and France in business

UK and France are two different countries. They don’t have the same system and the same habits of working. Firstly, English people work more than French people. Indeed in France, we work 35 hours per week, maximum. In England it is at least 37 hours per week. We can do extra hours but it is […]


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Glimpses into Internship-UK: the IT Department

The days before starting an internship can be really tantalising. We ask ourselves: What will we do? How our colleagues will be? And so on. This article might help those of you who are wondering about the IT department of Internship-UK. The current IT team, consisting of our incredibly helpful and favourite nerds Cyril (the […]


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Business Writing: A Last Minute Guide

Switching from school life to business life is always difficult. Not only do your lifestyle and your daily routine change, but also the rules you have to abide by most of the days. This also concerns your writing. Even if you have attended university in the UK and you might be used to address your […]


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CVs All Around The World

The “art” of CV writing is one of the most complicated on earth, at least if one believes the countless people who have been complaining about it all around the world. It is an unusual situation for most people. When writing CV, we sell ourselves, so we use a more aggressive approach than when we […]


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Key Advice on Overcoming Culture Shock in the UK

If you are coming to the UK for an internship, while it is almost certain you will have a great time, it is important to be clued-up on British culture to avoid the development of culture shock. First of all, we have to address the question – what is culture shock? It is the feeling […]


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Communicate as a family

Communication is used every day, it includes all kinds of messages we send: words, tone of voice, looks, facial expressions and the way we look at other people. However, it is important to remember that there are differences in communication, whether we communicate in a professional or private context. We can say there are four […]


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Facebook: l’era digitale dei social media

Nel solo Regno Unito, secondo i dati rilasciati dall’Istituto di Misurazione Online del Regno Unito (UKOM), è stato stimato che negli ultimi 3 anni l’utente medio passa online più del 65% del tempo rispetto al passato (con l’utente medio che passa piu di 22 ore al mese online). I dati hanno rilevato che gli utenti […]


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