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Companies hunting methods

Most of companies have defined target groups. Usually, it depends on criteria such as age, gender, taste, advertisement according to the company’s image and values. Furthermore, it depends on the kind of activities and also the public target. A target is when you know exactly what or who is your goal and you want to achieve it. So, companies can […]


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How business schools attract students

In France, there are hundred of business schools and all of them are expensive. Most of the students have to borrow from the bank to pay school fees. Indeed, for a bachelor, the most affordable school such as TELECOM costs 15.240 euros, but it can go up to 39.500 euros for EM Lyon, one of the most famous business […]


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Computer-Assisted Translation

In an increasingly globalised world, translators are confronted with more and more demands and requirements, especially in regard to editorial techniques. In addition, companies have a rising number of terminology and localisation needs to translate their products, services and documents. The fierce competition in the translation industry drives translators to drastically lower their prices in […]


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Introduction à la traduction audiovisuelle

Nous passons une grande partie de notre temps devant des écrans (télévision, cinéma, ordinateur etc…). Ils nous fournissent des informations, changent nos émotions, nos idées et nos pensées, reflètent nos cultures et nous font découvrir de nouvelles langues et valeurs. Dans certaines communautés, la télévision renforce les capacités à lire et à apprendre une langue, […]


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How product packaging affects buying decisions

According to a research by The Paper Worker, one-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging. This means that the packaging can be as important as the product inside. When shelves are filled with similar products from different brands, there is a high likelihood that consumers choose the product with the design or colour they […]


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Introduction to Audiovisual Translation

Context We spend a large portion of our days in front of screens (television, cinema, computer, etc.). They provide information, affect our emotions, ideologies and thoughts, reflect cultures, open us up to new languages or values. Nowadays even though you choose not to read novels or newspapers, you hardly can avoid reading what is displayed […]


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Cultural influences on consumer behaviour

Several factors influence consumer behaviour, but the most important factors are the cultural ones. Cultural factors can be defined as a set of values and ideologies of a particular community or group of individuals. An individual is influenced during his existence by his family, his friends and his cultural environment or society. All of them […]


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Methods of exporting and channels of distribution

  There are two ways to introduce your company or products in a foreign market: indirect exporting and direct exporting. INDIRECT EXPORTING. The principal advantage of indirect exporting is that allows the companies introduce their products into foreign markets without any responsibility or risk. This way is perfect for small companies. -Commission agents. They find […]


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Le Marketing Expérientiel

Les consommateurs sont de plus en plus à la recherche d’expérience qui leur permet d’oublier la routine quotidienne, voir même de les faire réver avec des idées sophistiquées, ou l’esthétique et l’atmosphère sont des élements clés. La phase d’achat devient alors parfois même être plus intéressante que le produit en lui même.   L’échelle experientielle […]


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Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is based on the fact that consumers are more and more searching for an experience that makes them go out of their routine, that makes them dream with sophisticated concepts, where aesthetic and ambient are omnipresent. Sometimes the shopping experience can be even more interesting than the product itself. Experiential wheel : 4 […]


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