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How product packaging affects buying decisions

According to a research by The Paper Worker, one-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging. This means that the packaging can be as important as the product inside. When shelves are filled with similar products from different brands, there is a high likelihood that consumers choose the product with the design or colour they […]


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L’importance de l’image de marque

Aujourd’hui nous vivons à une époque dans laquelle le concept d’identité est très en vogue puisqu’il n’est pas aussi stable qu’auparavant, mais il change constamment. Avant il y avait plus de facteurs de stabilité tel que la famille, la religion etc. Aujourd’hui ce n’est plus le cas dans la mesure ou les experiences sont fondamentales […]


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How important is the Brand image

This is a period in which the concept of identity is very popular because it is not stable as in the past but it is always changing. In the past, there were more elements of stability such as the family, the religion and so on. Now, the experiences are fundamental for us and these are […]


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