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Plus qu’une simple expérience en entreprise

Internship-UK est une entreprise indépendante située dans le sud de l’Angleterre qui propose une expérience édifiante dans un cadre professionnel de qualité. Cette entreprise vise à proposer un large panel de stages qui, en plus d’être formateurs et enrichissants, sont accessibles à tous. Ainsi, il est possible de décrocher différents stages de formation dans un […]


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Much more than just a simple work experience

Internship-UK, together with Ltd, deals with internships in IT, Media, Marketing CRM, Translation, and Recruitment. The main office is in a little town in south-east England called New Romney. It is the perfect place to find a working experience and update your CV. Thanks to a traineeship in this company, you will have many […]


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How to benefit from multiculturalism in Internship­-UK?

Everybody knows that it’s not easy to live with people belonging to different cultures: we don’t eat the same meals, we don’t like the same music or movies, we don’t have the same lifestyle, the same humour or the same way of thinking and speaking. We’ve acquired all the things mentioned above through our education […]


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