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Computers VS Smartphones

Nowadays, many young people use their phones more often than their computers so as to surf the Internet. If you had to choose between one of them, which one would you opt for? Before making up your mind, you have to consider all the factors since there are pros and cons for both computing devices. […]


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How product packaging affects buying decisions

According to a research by The Paper Worker, one-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging. This means that the packaging can be as important as the product inside. When shelves are filled with similar products from different brands, there is a high likelihood that consumers choose the product with the design or colour they […]


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Keys For Successful Translation

Translation may seem to be an easy job but it is actually quite an arduous task. Before giving you the main keys to be successful at it, you better know that translating has its own vocabulary. To begin, you should know that translation consists of transcribing an original text, which is known as the source […]


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