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Come superare la timidezza?

Pauline Le Guilloux Arrossire, avere il terrore di parlare in pubblico o l’incapacità emotiva di dire no… Essere timidi è probabilmente la debolezza più comune. L’eccessiva timidezza è un problema: rovina la vita quotidiana e ti fa rinunciare alle opportunità. Come superare questa difficoltà per relazionarsi con gli altri? Sii sicuro di te Ciò che […]


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Πως να ξεπεράσεις τη συστολή σου

Pauline Le Guilloux Κοκκινίζεις, πανικοβάλεσαι, φοβάσαι να μιλήσεις μπροστά σε κοινό, ή ακόμα αδυνατείς να πεις όχι … η συστολή είναι πιθανότατα το πιο κοινή αδυναμία. Η συστολή, σε βαθμό υπερβολικό ισούται με πόνο: ροκανίζει την καθημερινότητα σου και σε κάνει να περνάς δίπλα από τις ευκαιρίες. Πώς να ξεπεράσεις αυτή τη δυσκολία του να […]


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How to overcome your shyness?

Pauline Le Guilloux Blushing, panic, fear of speaking in public, or emotional inability to say no … Shyness is probably the most common weakness. Excessive shyness means pain: it rots your daily life and makes you pass up many opportunities. How to overcome this difficulty of being towards others? Be confident What you need to […]


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How to Fight Your Shyness

Is your shyness becoming a real problem? Is it a real barrier and does it prevent you from giving your best at work and in your personal relationships? Well, maybe it’s time to change something. Here are twenty easy tips for you to follow. First of all, Be more self-confident Think about the reasons why […]


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