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How to deal with stress

Nowadays, stress is a huge part of our lives but also a big problem for most of us. Knowing how to deal with stress is really useful in order to reduce it. It is actually quite difficult to clearly define what stress is because people show different reactions to it. Most of the time, stress […]


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7 consejos para estudiar con éxito en casa

Después de pasar un día en la Universidad siempre es difícil volver a casa y seguir estudiando. No te preocupes, si te organizas bien podrás hacerlo. Aquí dejo algunos consejos para estudiar en casa eficientemente. 1. Haz un horario Es la parte más importante. Debes crear un horario semanal para tener una vista global de […]


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Come comportarsi con colleghi difficili

Pauline Le Guilloux In ogni siituazione di lavoro, c’è almeno una persona con la quale non andiamo davvero d’accordo. Dato che devi trascorrere molto tempo a lavoro, avere una cattiva relazione con un collega può davvero influire sul tuo umore e la tua prestazione lavorativa. L’ambiente, incluse le persone con cui lavori, spesso fanno una […]


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7 τιπς για επιτυχημένο διάβασμα στο σπίτι

Μετά από μια ολόκληρη μέρα στο σχολείο, είναι πάντα δύσκολο, γυρνώντας στο σπίτι, να ξεκινήσεις πάλι το διάβασμα. Άλλωστε, δεν έχεις άλλη επιλογή, αν θέλεις να εμπεδώσεις τις τελευταίες γνώσεις της ημέρας. Μην πανικοβάλεσαι, αν έχεις σωστό πρόγραμμα, μπορείς να τα καταφέρεις. Εδώ θα βρεις κάποια τιπς τα οποία θα σε βοηθήσουν να πετύχεις μια […]


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7 tips to study at home successfully

After a day spent at school it is always hard to go back home and start, again, to study. However, you do not have the choice if you want to keep in mind the latest knowledge you learn during the day. Do not panic, if you are well organized you will handle it. Here are […]


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How to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers?

Pauline Le Guilloux In any workplace, there is at least one person with whom you do not really get along. Given how much time you spend at work, having a bad relationship with a co-worker can really affect your mood and your job performance. The environment, including the people with whom you work, often makes […]


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