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Comment gérer le stress ?

Chacun de nous a été au moins une fois sujet au stress. En effet, il fait à présent partie intégrante de notre vie. Savoir comment le gérer peut être un atout considérable si nous voulons le contrôler. Il est plutôt difficile de donner une définition précise du stress car chacun réagit différemment face à lui. Le stress apparaît […]


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How to deal with stress

Nowadays, stress is a huge part of our lives but also a big problem for most of us. Knowing how to deal with stress is really useful in order to reduce it. It is actually quite difficult to clearly define what stress is because people show different reactions to it. Most of the time, stress […]


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Be yourself, the key for success

Have you ever thought about the importance of being yourself in a professional enviroment? Although it might not seem important, being yourself during a job interview is the first step. You have to behave like you do everyday: keep a normal tone of voice, keep eye contact with the person you are going to talk […]


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