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Augmenter la satisfaction du consommateur

Durant le cycle de vie client*, la phase de satisfaction est capitale. Avec une stratégie élaborée, vous minimiserez les retours de produits, vous éviterez  que le consommateur ait des regrets, et vous augmenterez son degré de satisfaction. Pour ce faire, voici trois étapes essentielles à suivre lorsque vous voulez assurer la satisfaction d’un client et […]


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How to increase customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is a crucial phase in the customer life cycle. By executing it right, you will be able to minimize returns, prevent buyer’s regret and increase customer’s satisfaction. Here are three essential steps you have to follow when aiming at satisfying a customer who will continue to buy from you. When customers buy something, […]


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Methods of exporting and channels of distribution

  There are two ways to introduce your company or products in a foreign market: indirect exporting and direct exporting. INDIRECT EXPORTING. The principal advantage of indirect exporting is that allows the companies introduce their products into foreign markets without any responsibility or risk. This way is perfect for small companies. -Commission agents. They find […]


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