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Un ambiente de trabajo positivo

Keywords: work, environment, company, communication, relationship, useful, happy, positive, reward, trust La esfera de trabajo es quizás lo más importante en una empresa. Un empleado en una buena atmósfera va a sentirse bien a la hora de ir a trabajar y por eso va a aportar un mejor trabajo. Al contrario, si ese empleado se […]


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How to avoid conflict in a flat share?

Pauline Le Guilloux Learning how to effectively manage the room-mate relationship is an essential skill for students.The first thing to do in a collocation is to establish rules before needing them. Don’t wait until someone forgets to pay their share of the rent to figure out what happens when someone does not pay the rent. […]


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A Positive Work Environment

Work environment may be one of the most important thing in a company. An employee in a good environment will feel good about coming to work and this way, provide a better work. On the opposite, if this employee feels uncomfortable at work, is stressed, has too much work, feels like someone is always on […]


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The Best Way To Integrate Yourself Into a New Workplace.

Well, you have a new job! But you know that sometimes becoming part of a well-established team isn’t easy. Maybe you are worried about not receiving a warm welcome from your new colleagues. However you have to be self-confident: you are going to start a new job because you passed a selection and you have […]


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