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Para leer, trabajar, o incluso para conducir se necesita concentrarse. Eso nos permite recordar mejor y evitar gastar energía. Ya sea un problema recurrente o sólo por causa del cansancio, ciertas personas temen no ser capaces de concentrarse. Además, mejorar tu concentración permite sentirse más relajado y dominar mejor tu personalidad. ¿Qué es la concentración? […]


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Concentration is essential to read, to work or even to drive. It both allows us to memorise things more easily and to avoid wasting energy. Whether it is an underlying or a temporary problem caused by tiredness, some people are afraid of not being able to focus. Furthermore, improving your concentration is one way to […]


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Is Steve Jobs’ style helpful in business?

Steve Jobs was the most successful entrepreneur of his generation. But he was also known for being a rude manager, who shouted at colleagues during meetings and seemed impatient and dismissive of others’ contributions. But would this management style help you reach the top? Of course, everybody does not share the same opinion. According to […]


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