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Como aplicar lo que aprendiste en la escuela en un ámbito profesional

Desde hace años, la educación es transmitida como uno de los valores más importantes. La gente nos dice que tenemos que tener una buena educación y que va a definir nuestras perspectivas en el futuro. Y es verdad, la educación determina nuestras competencias y cualificaciones. Eso nos enseña cómo debemos trabajar y mejorar en nuestra […]


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Πως να φτιάξεις την τέλεια παρουσίαση με διαφάνειες

Kahina MERBAH Η μελέτη, προυποθέτει προσπάθεια για την απόκτηση γνώσης, είτε το επιτυγχάνουμε διαβάζοντας είτε ακούγοντας, είτε δημιουργώντας καινούργια πράγματα. Φυσικά, θα βελτιώσεις το επίπεδο σου και θα μάθεις καινούργιες δεξιότητες. Πιθανότατα, κατά τη διάρκεια των σπουδών σου ή στην επαγγελματική σου ζωή, θα κλιθείς να κάνεις πολλές παρούσιάσεις με διαφάνειες. Αν δεν ξέρεις τι […]


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How to make the perfect slide show?

Kahina MERBAH Studying demands an effort to acquire knowledge, by reading, listening or making new things. Of course, you will improve your level and learn new skills. During your studies or in your professional life, you will probably have to make a lot of slide shows. If you don’t know what it is: a slide […]


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How to Avoid Conflict with Your Boss?

Maia Haas At work, to avoid a conflict can be a real difficulty; everyone is different and think differently. Conflicts and sometimes even confrontations can be productive in some cases, but there are also circumstances in which avoid a direct conflict is wiser, especially with your boss. Arguing with your boss can cost you your […]


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How to apply what you learn in school to a professional environment

Maia Haas From an early age, education is taught as one of the most important value. We are all told that we have to be good educated and that it will define our future perspectives. And that is true: education defines our skills and qualifications. It teaches us how to work and how to improve […]


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Doing an internship abroad: the opportunity to find a better job?

Nowadays, it is not really difficult to find an internship abroad. With the use of Google, Facebook or other social media, you are very likely to find an interesting – paid or unpaid – position. The easiest way to find an internship is to look for hotels or travel agencies, but with proper research, you […]


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Be yourself, the key for success

Have you ever thought about the importance of being yourself in a professional enviroment? Although it might not seem important, being yourself during a job interview is the first step. You have to behave like you do everyday: keep a normal tone of voice, keep eye contact with the person you are going to talk […]


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What Matters Most With Professional Integration ?

Internships are often presented as a necessary condition of a good insertion on the labor market because they allow students to gain professional experience and be ready to work. The skills acquired during an internship represent a useful advantage for the trainees to find a job. The type of internship is associated with their studies: […]


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