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A bit of Airbnb

A bit of Airbnb Having problems looking for the unconventional from the commercial? Looking for the best price with the best smile? You are in for a treat, and already half way. Keep in mind all you have learnt about social networking and suit yourself in this new way of getting the best whim-fitting accommodation […]


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Product Adaptation Strategy

Should we adapt our product? When you want to introduce your product in a foreign market you should ask yourself that question. Your product may be unwelcome in some countries. As a result, you have to adapt it to their customs and laws. There are three main reasons encouraging you to adapt your products: 1. Special laws […]


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Die Lunch Competition

In unserer Firma ist das Mittagessen der wichtigste Moment des Tages, weil er eine Pause bedeutet, in der wir neue Kräfte tanken können, um den Rest des Tages weiterarbeiten zu können. Deswegen ist es wichtig, gut zu essen und diese Pause zu genießen. Hier in New Romney essen alle Praktikanten in der Firma zu Mittag. […]


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