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Social media

Advertising was never so hard Social media are used everyday by thousands of people. What for? Posting pictures of their food? Of themselves with their pets? Writing stories about their experiences? In the past years, advertising shifted from its original paper form to today’s most used tool: digital information. However, even if advertisement boards on […]


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Metodi per ottenere un lavoro all’estero

Maia Haas Per molte persone, viaggiare e trasferirsi all’estero è uno degli obbiettivi più importanti. Ma non è così facile come sembra. Trasferirsi all’estero è una vera sfida e poi trovare e ottenere un lavoro all’estero può rendere l’adattamento più difficile. Ma non preoccuparti, nonostante tutti I procedimenti normativi, visti, permesso di lavoro ecc, ne […]


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Methods to get a job abroad

For many people, travelling and moving abroad is one of the most important goal. But it is not as easy as it seems to be. Moving abroad is a real challenge and then finding and getting a job abroad can make your adaptation more difficult. But don’t worry, despite all the regulatory proceedings, visas, work […]


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